Update, progress at the office machine shop on Monday, October 8th 2015.

Hello world and reporting in!

A new 3d printer takes shape for the architecture office in downtown NYC.

dse2 dse1dse4dse5

These things can’t assemble themselves … yet, someday though, I already see potential innovative improvements on this particular delta-bot inspired reprap design.

These parts are so small I need surgical foreceps and a magnification monocole. It requires the delicate dexterity of a virtuosic violinist, the patience of a cat herder, and the attention to detail of a rocket scientist.

But, it is ultimately worth it, the smell of fresh laser cut acrylic in the morning is like no other, there is nothing so satisfying as the process that goes into building something so complicated. This is the future, this system alone will someday print historic artifacts, revolutionary architecture designs, entirely new inventions, pushing our species forward into the great beyond, one 3d printer at a time. Enrico Dini.

My fastest phase one assembly time yet! Its an (am/additivemanufacturing) art. Definitely improving, smooth assembly, was scotch taping everything down this time first, much more efficient, even without a hex driver, note to self need more acrylic laser cuts in the city, probably upwards of 20 sheets by December. Next onto servo and chip integration, the wiring connectors phase is going to be boring and frustrating and the glue phase is always messy. Its going to take me a month or more as it is I think. Cool though.

I dream in blueprints, the way my mind operates, they are my modern music scores. Ad astra, D-Shape Enterprises Actual signing off, exhausted. #3dprinting #changetheworld#megascalefabrication #newspace